50 Shades of Ashtanga

It took you only 90 minutes to seduce me and make me lust for more. You completely overwhelmed me when you made me bend in ways my inexperienced body had never before. My legs were shaking. It felt good. Very good.

You are strict. Tough. I like it that way. You show no mercy in asking me what you want from me. Your standards are high but I would never settle for less. I love how you tell me what to do and as in trance my body moves the way you like. I like it best when we turn up the heat and I’m forced to take off a layer of clothes. My breath turns heavy and with sweat dripping down my body I radiate and surrender to your needs. You make me twist and stretch deep, as I breathe through the pain. In the heat of the moment we flow through time. We are one. Just you, and me.

You know how I love it when we meet in the darkness of the night. I sleep deeply from physical exhaustion when we are done.  The next day the soreness in my body still reminds me of our encounter.

It took me a while to fully understand the depths of you. Your many layers, your shades of grey. Our constant chemistry turned my lust into love and we started meeting more frequently. I wanted to impress you. You made my mind and body stronger in ways I never thought possible.

But after a while my eyes and thoughts started to wander. Was I missing out? Your consistent, ruthless demands that attracted me to you a long time ago now felt dull and pleasureless. I was distracted. You couldn’t give me what I needed anymore. I craved a breath of fresh air and energy. I needed something new and exciting.

So I confess: I cheated. I cheated a lot. It was easier than I thought it would be. You weren’t on my mind when I did it. I didn’t feel bad, because I could not not do it. It had to happen, there was no other way. It felt good in the beginning, when I chased the butterflies. That roller coaster feeling of excitement left me wishing for more. More of things not you. At times I turned up the heat some more to push my body to extremes. Other times I took it easy, stretching until I could no more. I played with toys to perfect my moves. I experimented with positions even you hadn’t shown me before. I liked the unpredictability. I did well without you.

And then, unintentionally, I saw you while passing by. I wasn’t looking for you. It was as though you wanted me to see you, to make me realize that, while cheating, I was missing out. On you. Were you jealous? Seeing you reminded me of the way you made my head spin and my body tremble. And then little by little, like winter turning into spring, I started longing for you, until I wanted nothing more than be with you again.

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  1. Chelsea


    April 4, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    This is amazing… You had me cracking up!

  2. Avatar


    October 28, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Girl, you are GOOD! Im a writer too.. clic on me, im sorry, on my web + menu + Del Yoga
    Hugs from Argentina, Buenos Aires

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