How can we be more productive in a time of so many distractions?! We all know the feeling of really really REALLY wanting to procrastinate our to-do lists, right?

Yeah, me neither… 😉 *cough*

Seriously though, I know powering through our to-do list can feel arduous at times, but I’ve gotten pretty good at increasing my productivity even on days when I’m not in the mood.

Here are the 5 easiest ways to be more productive– and that you can implement right now:

1.) Put on blinders & set a timer.
How much time does the task at hand need? Twenty minutes? Two hours? Whatever it is, set a timer, turn a blind eye to everything else, and go into heads-down work mode until it’s done. I don’t let myself get a snack, reply to a text, or answer an email until what I need to do is DONE. No phone calls, no random Handstand breaks 😉 … just pure willpower to get it done. Plus, remember: when the timer goes off, you’re free!

2.) Close your email & turn off wifi. 
When I need to get something creative or solitary finished, I need to pretend like the internet doesn’t exist. I shut down my email and disable the wifi on my computer until I accomplish what I need.

3.) Turn up the speed on your mouse/ track pad. 
Your laptop’s mouse/trackpad default speed setting is usually somewhere in the middle. I turned the sensitivity all the way up so I can glide around my screen as quickly as possible. It sounds stupid, but it’s made a huge difference!

4.) Find a focus playlist.
I like working in silence (weirdo) but occasionally I’ll put on a Spotify “Focus” playlist and I really like it. Especially for work that’s monotonous, the Mellow Beats channel helps me find a groove and makes the work less tedious. Plus, no wifi needed! 😉

5.) Take the time to make your space comfortable.
Perhaps the biggest one for me was making my workspace comfortable. I have a cute green plant, every tool I could need within reach, and I always have a full water bottle and a hot mug of coffee or tea. My chair is super ergonomic and my space is clutter-free. I know this may feel like a waste of time to invest in setting up a little corner/space for yourself, but trust me on this. It took some time to organize and get “right” but it’s made a HUGE difference in how long I can spend focused here.

Over to you! What are you productivity secrets? Any tricks you’ve learned over the years (or recently) that you want to pass along?