I admit it— I’m a sucker for a good TV show. I kinda feel like we’re in a golden age of television right now, too! There’s so many great series out there that it’s hard to decide which ones are most worth your time.

I love a good dark story from time to time (looking at you, Black Mirror!), but those shows tend to bring me down after I watch too many.

This is actually a conversation that came up a few times within the PBYP group! People were asking for some recommendations of good, light shows to watch that are uplifting or funny. Dark is cool, but usually we need a good “palette cleanse” for the mind when we sit down for a Netflix binge 😉

In no particular order, here’s my list of current faves from Hulu to Netflix:

1. The Good Place. (Netflix)
Kristin Bell is in this one and that pretty much sold me. It’s about a girl who dies (in a absolutely absurd, ridiculous way), ends up in “the good place” after death by mistake. It’s all about her adventure to become a better person so she can “earn” her place in the good place! It’s SO funny, relatable, and actually explores some big questions about ethics in a fun, conversational way. It’s super brightly colored and upbeat, so I’ve been loving this one as a way to cap off a stressful day.

2. Silicon Valley. (Hulu)
This one’s on Hulu’s HBO section and is HILARIOUS! It’s especially fantastic if you have a business or do any kind of independent work. It illustrates the struggles so perfectly. It’s about a group of guys who have a tech start-up in Silicon Valley. It captures every stereotype you can imagine and pokes fun at the lifestyle in a fun way. It took me a few episodes to get into it, but I LOVED it after the first few.

3. New Girl. (Netflix)
I thought this was a little campy at first but started to find it funny (WE ARE ALL JESS) after a couple episodes. Girl moves in with a group of guys and it’s basically a non-stop string of awkward moments, miscommunications, and figuring each other out. Classic.

4. Modern Family. (Netflix)
This show CRACKS.ME.UP. from episode one. I actually love the entire series until the last two seasons which I think they’re trying too hard with. But the earlier seasons on Netflix are, hands down, my favorite shows ever. A perfectly feel-good, funny show to remind you why life is so sweet.

5. The Crown. (Netflix)
Okay, so this isn’t exactly “funny,” but it’s SO beautifully produced, I had to include it. The first two episodes are a little heavy because there’s some death involved, but after that it lightens up into a fascinating look into Queen Elizabeth’s life. I’m not a history buff, but THIS is captivating. I could go on and on about how beautiful and interesting it is to watch, but I’ll spare you. Just see for yourself 😉

These are some of the ones I’ve been losing lately. What are the ones you can’t get enough of? I have some other classics I didn’t include like Friends, Frasier (LOVE!), The Office, Parks & Rec… I throw these on when I’m cooking or cleaning the bathroom, haha!