Anytime we look for ways to improve our lives, we tend to think we need to go big or go home. We have to quit our jobs, shave our heads, and move to India! We have to give up sugar forever, hit the gym every day, and do yoga for a minimum of 60 minutes every morning.

Don’t get me wrong– those things are great if they call to you, but making lasting change often comes from the littlest tweaks. And I’m living proof of this!

Late last year I decided to make a few small changes in hopes that I’d gain a little organization and productivity. Turns out, I got a lot more than I bargained for.

Here’s what I did that ended up revamping my entire life.

1. I make my bed every single morning. 
This is embarrassingly tiny but the positive domino effect it has over my day is amazing. It feels like I win the entire day when I start off with a clean slate. Just knowing that my room feels clean and fresh makes me feel like I’m set up for success. I’ll never go back!

2. I now use a bullet journal. 
I resisted relying on a digital calendar for everything (I’m a pen & paper kinda gal!), so I ended up forgetting things constantly because I never checked it! I needed a system that I could have on paper that WORKED, and the bullet journal has revolutionized the way I plan my days.

3. Writing daily for a minimum of 20-minutes.
I used to write constantly when I was younger and it was the only passion I had for a long time. But like a lot of things, somehow I ended up drifting away from it. I recommitted to writing daily for a minimum of 20-minutes every day and it’s become essential to me to feel productive. It helps me clarify my thoughts and weed out and sort through any emotions that feel overwhelming. Even if it’s a few minutes to jot down something memorable, it’s worth it!

4. I meditate every day, too!
Carving out a few minutes to get present and grounded is essential for me. I used to meditate in the morning, but I found that an evening meditation feels a lot more natural. It helps me tap into a different part of myself that’s difficult to access in any other way.

5. Yoga & fitness is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
I also recommitted to my yoga practice and gym routine. I go to the gym 4x a week and am dead serious about my yoga again. I let all of this get away from me for a while but encouraging myself to get over the hump of “I don’t feel like it” has been well worth the effort. The difference in my anxiety is monumentally less when I’ve worked out and done yoga.

All of these things are small, but when combined and done regularly, the results are mind blowing. I know I sound dramatic, but I wouldn’t be sharing this if it hadn’t truly changed my life.

Over to you! What small changes have you made that made all the difference? Do we have any in common?!