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5 Simple Ways to Promote Wellness at Your Home

Wellness is more that simply being healthy, it also represents having a balanced and fulfilling life, both inside, as well as outside of your home. Since everyone has different needs, whether personal, mental of health related, there is no set of guidelines that must be followed in order to achieve a perfectly healthy home. However, if you want to live in a healthier environment, take a look around you and decide what needs to change to promote your personal wellness. Start by making small changes to your daily routine and implement some of these simple and effective ways to promote wellness at your home:

1. Create a calming atmosphere

home interior
It’s no secret that your environment can have a large impact on your wellbeing – clutter in the form of dirty dishes, dirty laundry or too much of anything out of its place can quickly take over a small space and deplete your energy whenever you walk into the room. So, start by doing a full spring cleaning of your home and try to maintain it neat and tidy as often as you can. Since there is nothing quite as de-stressing as synching with nature, try to let as much natural light into your home as possible, and fill every room with beautiful plants or flowers that add some clean air, natural energy and beauty into your home.

2. Achieve zen through scent

scented candles
Aroma plays a huge role in any wellness or spa center, so don’t forget to add some relaxing aromas to your space to truly achieve a zen atmosphere. Citruses make you feel more energized, vanilla elevates your mood, while lavender and coconut instantly calm your body and mind, and help you sleep much better. So, stock up on your scented candle supplies and put a few of these incredible aromas into each room, according to their uses. For example, light a lavender candle in your bedroom every night before bed to ensure you fall asleep calmly, quickly and completely relaxed. Setting aside one day of the week to enjoy a wonderful candlelit bath is also a great idea – complete it with rose petals and your favorite bath bomb or salt, play some soothing music and enjoy a bit of romantic pampering.

3. Plan a spa day at home

home spa
Apart from a calming candlelit bath, another great way to promote wellness at your home is to schedule a whole weekend for your at-home spa retreat. Put on your coziest slippers, get out your fluffiest towels and softest bathrobes, and make a couple of DIY treatments to pamper yourself with over the weekend. Whether you decide to make an incredible steam treatment that cleans out your pores, an amazing face mask that rejuvenates your skin and leaves it soft and supple, or even a quick foot soak paired with your favorite cream, don’t forget to put on some soothing music, light up some calming scents and allow yourself to relax and unwind completely, and enjoy your wonderful pampering session.

4. Practice mindful yoga

practicing yoga
One of the best ways to practice wellness and mindfulness in your home is to make yoga a part of your daily morning routine. Apart from numerous health benefits, such as strength, flexibility and endurance, yoga will also help you focus in the present moment and develop self awareness through conscious movement. As a moving meditation practice, it will help you learn how to control the focus of your mind, instead of dealing with the constant chatter that most of us face throughout the day. This practice of mindfulness will then begin to enter other areas of your life, including your relationship with your body and your health, as well as relationships with others, leading to a healthful change in your overall wellbeing.

5. Schedule valuable down-time

Too often we try to cram in as many activities as we can whenever we get some time off, and before we know it, what was supposed to be a calming and relaxing experience turns into another stressful situation. So, make it a point to schedule some time to simply sit back, relax and do nothing. Turn off your phone, ignore the TV and set some time aside to soak in all of your blissful wellness activities, to reflect and to truly cherish the whole wellness experience.

Whether you decide to redecorate, practice mindfulness, or simply opt for a pampering session, know that you’ve taken a big step towards healthier, less stressful and more blissful living.

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