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5 Best Workout Leggings

The best workout leggings are basically a category all by themselves. Sure, you have some you may prefer to lounge in, but this list is all about the leggings that will go the distance, too.

Here’s a few the Bad Yogi Team swear by…

1. Lululemon Align Leggings
When we surveyed the team, every single one of us said this one as our ultimate favorite. They’re so buttery soft you can feel as comfy sleeping in them as you feel secure working out in them. They’re truly one of the best and some of our absolute favorites.

2. Lululemon Wunder Under Leggings
A very close second was the Wunder Under by Lululemon. The compression is amazing and they are thick so you don’t have to worry about underwear showing. The quality is also top notch. I’m still wearing the same pairs I bought in 2008 (!!!) and you’d never know they were anywhere near that old.

3. Niyamasol Leggings
Simply put, these are buttery soft with a good fit. And BONUS: they’re also good if you have a booty which we know because J.Lo is ALL about them.

4. Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket Legging. 
The huge pockets hold your phone, they’re super soft and allow for great mobility, especially in a yoga class.

5. Under Armour Cold Gear Legging
I typically don’t like leggings that are too thick, but these feel really nice. They’re definitely not made for warm weather, but they’re my favorites for when the temps dip. I’ve had a pair for about 4 years and they’re still in great shape!

Over to you! These are our favorites but we’d love to hear from you! What’s your go-to pair? Any favorites we didn’t mention?

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