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4 Ways to Find Better Life Balance

As we’re almost stepping into spring, it really doesn’t feel like it this year. In so many parts of the United State and Europe, we’ve been hit with wave after wave of cold fronts and just damn, it’s hard to even believe it is almost April.

One way that all of this weather imbalance has been impacting me on a personal level is my balance. Not my physical balance (though that’s always an issue that’s up in the air), I mean my mental balance. Figuring out what is too much and too little. Measuring whether I should be practicing yoga or going to the gym and lifting weights.

Without that balance, it can be really hard to be healthy and mindful towards yourself. Below are four way that help me to find my balance and hopefully, Bad Yogis, they’ll help find yours as well.

1. Lists, lists, lists!

If there’s one thing I can wholeheartedly recommend, it’s lists. Write down all the things you want to do, write down what you don’t. Write down how many hours you have in a day and how much you can reasonably expect yourself to do. Sure, you might want to practice yoga and go to the gym and also go for a walk… but if you write that on a To Do list for all ‘after work’ activities, you might see how ambitious that actually is!

Don’t forget the infamous ‘pros and cons’ list! That’s perhaps the most useful of them all. Remind yourself why you like yoga on that list and why you might not want to practice. You can tell a lot by what you write down. For instance, if one of your cons for yoga is that you don’t like practicing after work because you have difficulty sleeping afterwards, consider moving that practice to the morning.

2. Record your thoughts and impressions if you’re unsure about something

If your brain and memory are on point, I applaud you. If on the other hand, you are like me, and struggle with remembering anything if you don’t write it down – consider keeping a journal of how you feel after each activity or each day. By reminding yourself how you feel right after a particular activity or experience, you can see whether or not you like something.

I find that I can sometimes forget whether I actually like certain things, like attending language classes in my spare time, unless I scroll up on my text feed to see where I was telling a friend just how happy they made me. Recording those thoughts can be so helpful in helping you find the balance of what you want to put energy towards.

3. Take a step back and evaluate what’s important

Prioritizing is the mother of organization. It’s perhaps my favorite strategy for figuring out how to find my mental balance. If you spend too much time doing something that makes you unhappy, prioritizing what is more important can be a good reminder of how to regain that balance.

Maybe you have five or six extra activities outside of work you want to keep up even though it’s running you into the ground. When you take that step back to see what is important to you, maybe you decide not to continue that online course or decide that a side hustle isn’t as important as your own mental health. You never know until you try.

4. Remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfectly balanced

Think of every balancing yoga pose ever. You never have to be perfectly balanced to get the benefits of it. When you’re opening into half moon, your ankle might twitch to keep you up in the air. There’s nothing wrong with that! Life isn’t about finding that perfect balance. It’s about finding one that gives you enough strength to be happy and healthy.

Hopefully these tips helped you find your balance, Bad Yogis, or at least caused you to think a bit more about finding it!

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