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4 Ways to Take a Break from Yoga

Sometimes fitting yoga into my daily routine is just too much. I know we’ve all read the articles that talk about always making time for yoga and finding the brief minutes in each day to try out chair yoga or whatever. I’m all for this. Honestly, I am!

The only issue I have is when yoga becomes a chore rather than a time to focus on self-care. I’ve always thought that yoga should be a time for me to move without thinking. It’s a form of moving meditation. When it becomes something else, something… that you force yourself to do – then it might be time to take a break.

Here are a couple reasons you can take a break without losing all of the benefits of your practice:

Even though yoga is an athletic practice, it’s also a mental one.

There’s no reason that you can’t meditate while sitting at your desk or in the five minutes before headed to bed. Taking a break from attending your nightly Vinyasa class doesn’t mean stopping being engaged and present with yourself. Take your break from attending class, and instead of feeling guilty – take a couple deep breaths and stay present, realizing that your body might need the break more than you do.

Maybe the issue of going to class isn’t your problem.

Maybe you just can’t turn your brain off anymore and it seems practically impossible to focus during class, let alone during savasana. Fine. Take a break. Just take a moment for yourself and let your brain go where it will. Don’t force it to be “blank” or “empty.” It’s okay if you’re stressed and just want to overthink, it happens. If your brain keeps telling you something, then perhaps it needs it.

Try something new!

If you are getting tired of yoga and want to give yourself an opportunity for a new class like Barre or Pilates – give yoga a break. Being a yoga practitioner doesn’t mean attending courses every day. It means knowing your limits, and being able to listen to your body in a way that’s intuitive. If that means that you want to try something out and not get bored with the same sequence over and over again – then try something new and exciting. It could be HIIT (High Intensity Training) or maybe it’s going to the gym and trying out Strength Training for the first time. Explore new things, and don’t let yourself get bored when it’s so easy to open yourself to new experiences and ideas.

Just take the break.

I know it sounds weird, but sometimes your body or your mind needs a break from the focus. It might not seem it, but doing yoga is hard work. Especially if you aren’t used to clearing your mind and moving mindfully, it can be exhausting. Don’t let yourself fall out of practice just because you’re being stubborn. Don’t let yoga become a chore, take a moment and let yourself love it. It will love you back.

How do you take a break or cross-train with your yoga? Tell us in the comments!

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