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3 Reasons to Try Partner Yoga

Does Partner Yoga sound like a romantic, tantric, sexy kind of yoga? It can be, and it is awesome when it is that way, but it is also a whole lot more then that.

It’s not just for couples

Doing yoga together can serve as a platform to work on social skills and other abilities that you might not practice while doing yoga on your own.

You can do yoga on your own yoga mat at home or in a yoga studio in Sydney or New York, or in your own cave in the Himalayas, and feel very peaceful, content, enlightened, and all that jazz. But the moment you step into the world and the people around you start pushing your buttons… you’re off balance again. Sounds familiar, right?

This is why it is so important to develop all of the vital skills you need to interact with others successfully, and you can practice them at yoga!

Partner yoga is a way to explore communication, negotiation, compromising, sensitivity, openness, trust and more. All the skills you need to be an awesomely unique functioning person within a family or a community.

When we do yoga in pairs, we develop enhanced listening skills, and not just with our ears, but also with our eyes and our touch. This enhanced receptivity to both verbal and non-verbal communication, makes us better co-workers, team players, leaders in the community, parents, and, of course, lovers.

With all the subtle signals we learn to pick up on from our yoga partners, we adjust the way we move together so that we can create a more pleasurable experience for both partners. When we flow with others, whether in a yoga class or out in the real world, we captivate attention and hearts. And, as in anything in life, the tables always turn, and what we give is what we receive, so the flexible attitude and generosity we possess comes back to us a hundredfold.

On a physical level, partner yoga feels so much more amazing than doing yoga on your own because you get to stretch farther then you can on your own. You get to balance in ways you cannot by yourself. Adjusting each other in a partner yoga class is like having your own private yoga teacher.

Partner yoga is more fun than maybe any other form of exercise or stretching. It enhances social skills, and it helps us relate to the world in a more responsive way that is bound to create a better reality for us. In short: partner yoga is AWESOME for everyone!

Rainbow Partner Yoga

Always Better Together

It brings people together

Social media is all penetrating, that it has invaded our homes, our playtime with our children, our bedrooms, our dinners with friends, and what not. This is why having real time to connect, such as in a partner yoga class, is so important.

People may think they are relaxing when browsing through their Facebook or Instagram, but recent research shows that the blue light emitted from devices as well as being involved in so many snippets of lives and events actually turns on our stress response and causes us to operate from our Sympathetic Nervous System, which we often find hard to turn off. Just like it’s hard to turn our phones off!

So imagine a partner yoga class… no phone calls, texts, no beeps and rings… Real relaxation, real connections with body, mind, and spirit. Do you ever feel like you need this sort of quality time with others?

A partner yoga class is a social and interactive practice. We do warm-ups, yoga poses, play, massage each other, and relax in pairs and groups. We coordinate our breath, gaze into each other’s eyes, and move together in beauty and harmony. Partner yoga is a practice that connects us to ourselves and to others.

Traditional yoga claims that happiness is only within. In partner yoga we believe that yes, happiness is inside of us, but we also know that it is all around us.

Our meditation and our movements are a modern and evolved variation of old traditions. In partner yoga, we expand to include and embrace everyone we touch and everything around us. It is an uplifting and ecstatic experience. Yoga means unity and connection, and we achieve that by being present with each other and connecting to ourselves, the people around us, and to all nature.

In a partner yoga class we practice in a circle, we work together to support and uplift each other. We use music, dance and conscious touch to connect and elevate our spirits as a community. By doing yoga together we open up and develop trust, both in ourselves and in the world. We relearn that the world is a benevolent place, full of beautiful people that are here to hold us up when we are in need.

We cannot survive on our own. Take a moment to look at all of the things you are surrounded by, and think about all the people along the way that worked so hard to harvest, create, make and bring those things to you. If we think about our intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs, we will find this interdependence and interconnectedness to be even stronger. We need each other’s presence and support to thrive; partner yoga embodies this feeling.

Partner yoga can help to strengthen and boost any relationship, whether a romantic partnership, a family, work relationship or community building. Our lives are made of so many varied relationships, and partner yoga is capable of adding another depth to them all and play a part in making our world, and the world in general a better place.

Rainbow Partner Yoga

We all need connections.

You can do it anywhere and anytime

Partner yoga is not limited to a yoga class; it is a practice you can do anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

At home, partner yoga is a great way to wake up with the kids, or to do in bed with a lover.

It is a gem for corporate yoga and other team building needs, and for empowering communities or building new ones.

Partner yoga is an amazing social practice you can do with your friends at the park, at festivals, events and parties. It brings everyone together and adds a whole lot of fun to whatever we do!

If you are a yoga teacher, partner yoga is a practice that you can use to spice up any yoga class, whether it is an adult class, family or kids yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga for sport teams or corporate yoga. It is a practice that can set you aside from other teachers as a unique teacher that makes everyone feel connected and euphoric!

Go forth and spread this new way of joining and uniting people! If you need any help doing this, you know where to find us!

Rainbow Partner Yoga

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So, yogis, have you ever tried partner yoga? Would you? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Avatar


    November 24, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    Partner yoga is surely cool, but it’s just not for me. I once tried an AcroYoga class but couldn’t handle it physically. As a tall guy (6’2″, 170#) I’m expected to often be a “base” (hold partner up with my feet), but can’t do that because of old sports injuries (chronically unstable ankles due to ligament tears). And as a somewhat introverted personality, I get uncomfortable on the infrequent occasions when partnered poses are called (I see that reaction in some others, who even opt out in those situations). I will say that the mental approach to partner yoga is much different (less inwardly focused) than for “solo yoga”, which is worth cultivating. I could see regular partner yoga if one’s significant other happens to be a serious yoga practitioner, but that’s not so common.

  2. Gopala Yaffa

    Gopala Yaffa

    November 24, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    Hi Dwayne,

    Yes, partner yoga is cool. And it can also be many things… It can be acrobatic and goal oriented to achieve some amazing trick together like in Acro Yoga, or it can be sexy and intimate and Tantric… It can also be social and fun and kind of back to the 60s’ Love Peace & Rock n’ Roll Yoga. We teach all of those, and always with sensitivity to the students and their needs and what they came to get from the class.

    I guess you are right; everything is good for someone, nothing is for everyone. And that includes “regular yoga” too.

    We find the partner yoga experience to be as meditative, if not more, as “solo yoga”. The expansion and connections and all the love hormones we get from practising as a couple or a group are ecstatic, and we love it!

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