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3 Lessons Provence Taught Me

We’ve been back from our little Provencal getaway and man was it rejuvenating. I know I haven’t seen much of the world, but I’m gonna say this anyway: that little slice of heaven might be my most favorite in the world. The endless stretches of olive groves, grape vines, and the symphony of cicadas at dusk is just enough to make me never want to leave.
But Provence came with a few lessons too:

1. Everything will happen in its own time.
You can’t rush a tree to grow faster. It grows when it grows. This is the case with so much in life but we try SO HARD to control every single aspect of it which ends up being kind of useless. Do what you need to do, but know that some things can’t be hurried.

2. Disconnect to reconnect.
We’re never NOT on our phones or connected in some way, so it’s good to shut everything off and connect to your TRUE self and the people around you. One of the places we stayed has extremely limited wifi, so a lot of our time was spend lying around in patches of sun like lazy house cats. We sat by the pool, ate juicy peaches right from the orchard, and admired the lavender. The art of doing nothing.

3. You can endure hard things when your mindset is right.
I get very queasy driving on windy roads and this trip tested my resolve! We drove about 3 hours through high altitude mountain roads and had to pull over a few times so I wouldn’t get sick. I tapped into my yoga training to keep it together and got quiet, took deeeeep yoga breaths, and with my eyes closed, found “one point to focus on” in my mind’s eye. It helped! While I was still super uncomfortable, I got through it by changing my perspective and reminding myself that this discomfort is temporary.

Over to you! Has a total chance of place (and pace) ever shifted your perspective on something? The past few weeks have been sort of tough on me mentally, so it was nice to have a little break and see life from a different angle. 

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