This article is not intended to say that there isn’t a time and place for western pharmaceuticals, but I want to also present that Mother Nature has taken care of us by providing so much healing in plant form on this magical planet. The ancients knew this. The indigenous tribes of the Amazon still practice homeopathic healing to this day!

Everything is sacred! From the leaves and bark of a tree, to the liquid magic of sap,  dirt, weeds, and the list goes on. There is medicine everywhere in nature. The Shamans spend a lifetime studying and learning the healing methods and offerings in the forest. There are way too many to discuss here so let’s focus on three that I have been drawn to this year that I grow in my yard. What they are, how they help us to heal, and how to use them.

SPEARMINT (member of the mint family)

  • Packed with flavonoids (powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits)
  • Antibacterial
  • Reduces symptoms of nausea, indigestion, and gas
  • Reduces symptoms of headaches, toothaches, and even cramps
  • When applied topically, it reduces muscle pain by reducing swelling in the affected area

Physical Uses:

  • Spearmint can be used topically, as an essential oil, and enjoyed as tea.

Energetic/Spiritual Uses:

  • It is said that burning spearmint helps reduce symptoms of respiratory   conditions.
  • Spearmint is also said to contain the qualities of success and protection.
  • Laying spearmint leaves at your bedside while sleeping is said to protect your spirit as well as your physical body.
  • Placing a leaf or two in your wallet where you keep your money is said to attract abundance.

SAGE (member of the mint family)

  • Helps reduces digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, stomach pain, and heartburn
  • Is also used for depression
  • Used for menstrual periods and symptoms of menopause including hot flashes
  • Can be applied topically to treat conditions like cold sore, sore mouth, or even gum disease

Physical Uses:

  • Sage can be made into a paste or lotion and used topically, can be used in cooking, as an essential oil, or in tea form.

Energetic/Spiritual Uses:

  • Sage is most notably known as a cleansing tool. Native American Tribes and Shamans have been using sage for thousands of years as a way to cleanse a space, a person, or even an object as well as used during ceremonies. I find it magical and notice its effects almost immediately.
  • Smudging also helps to balance our bodies energetic field, increasing our frequency and vibration. I smudge weekly and more if needed. Anytime I’m in a funk or negative mood, I smudge/sage myself and I feel the power of this herb.  You truly feel lighter!

LAVENDER (member of the mint family)

  • Lavender has many medicinal benefits including alleviating anxiety and symptoms of stress
  • Promotes sleep
  • Reduces headache pain
  • Used in treating fungal infections
  • Used for symptoms of hair loss
  • Helps to alleviate pain from sprains, toothaches, and even sores
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of PMS
  • Contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which, among other benefits, helps in wound healing

Physical Uses:

  • Lavender can be used in its natural state (the flower spikes), dried flowers, essential oil, lavender tea, in creams, and lotions.

Energetic/Spiritual Uses:

  • Lavender helps to cleanse and purify our spiritual body and energy field. It’s also said to conjure feelings of sympathy, peace, and emotional balance-which balance our energy field.

It’s no coincidence these all belong to the same family and all carry cleansing and purifying properties.  I only learned this after being drawn to them and began making smudge sticks, sprays, and bath oils using these herbs (see photos).

Sacred Herbs

The smell is divine and the feeling is heavenly. I encourage you to listen to your intuition and if a specific flower or herb is calling you, try it! Listen to those whispers of your intuition because behind them is your sacred soul giving you a recipe that’s just for you, to create peace and health in your life.

Do you have a favorite flower or herb? How do you use it? Share with us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Herbs, flowers, and plants have powerful medicinal properties.  If you’re taking any medications, consult your doctor first before adding any to your diet or routine.