17 Wonderful Changes I Made in 2017

In December last year, I decided that 2017 would be my best year so far. It was a completely new start for me, with so many changes. I also had so many new tools for self-growth, so many opportunities to learn and motivation to become the best version of myself.

Looking back, I have grown a lot this year, and have done a lot of what I wanted to do. Here are some of the wonderful changes I made in 2017.

I started using a bullet journal

The New year felt like a perfect time to start a bullet journal. With it I finally got a system that I could tailor to me and it was the first time I kept using my planner throughout the entire year. I already got the one for next year, barely understanding how I lived without one.

I started teaching yoga

My first year as a yoga teacher was transformational.  I can say that I am more confident in my teachings, have left my comfort zone more often than I can count and have learned so much from my students.

I created a name for my yoga business

This was a big, scary one. Finally, the right time came. And by right, I do not mean any less scary. It was a big leap of faith, and I am so happy I took it. Now I have a platform (and a website in progress) to share my teachings and connect with others.

I started teaching children’s yoga

This year, I started teaching yoga to children. It is such a wonderful (and exhausting) experience. Seeing how they view the world is such a gift.

I started my master’s program

I am constantly reminded that I am on the right path with my studies. I am therefore grateful to have decided to start eight months earlier than planned, making this a wonderful and very educational year.

I started a new job

I very spontaneously applied for a job, that I ended up loving. Starting a new job, I feel, is always a great chance to learn a lot about the work, and also, about yourself.

I started using Snapchat

Okay, this doesn’t sound like a life changing decision! Still, letting go of my Snapchat prejudice, allowed me to connect better with my wonderful friends abroad, that make me a little happier every day.

I started listening to audio books

With my Bluetooth headset, I would be listening to something while commuting and also when working. And, I was finally reading books again!

I started listening to podcasts

Later that year, I also started listening to podcasts. Both were wonderful changes, gaining more knowledge and insight, while still using the time to work or commute.

I started reading more

I started reading for 10 minutes before going to sleep. A week later, I had finished a book! Since then I’ve finished many more. Reading leaves me so calm and ready for bed, which brings me to the next part…

I started sleeping much better

I started using, which calculates sleep cycles, and tells you when to get up. This has changed so much for me, and for the first time ever, I am waking up refreshed. That, and turning off all technology at 10 pm, changed my sleep to the better.

I started living with less stuff

I was able to donate and give away a lot of stuff. That left only my most precious things left, making it easier to find things and keep everything clean.

I started meal-planning

Having the luxury of my own kitchen, and a freezer, I was able to cook large portions and freeze. This way, it was a lot easier to eat healthy with the meals already ready for me.

I started handling my money differently

At the start of this year, I started using YNAB to budget my money, giving me a sense of security. For the first time, I was completely mindful of how I was spending my money.

I started spending my money

I know, I was just saying that I was saving my money. This year, I also started spending MY money on myself, buying what will contribute to my happiness and my wellbeing.

I started giving

As a student, I have often said that I will start giving when I have a steady job. Still, I spend money on things I could go without. Now, I give monthly a small amount that will contribute to a better world, for us all.

I started living by myself again

It was the first time that I was truly living by myself. It was a great opportunity for self-growth and finding balance and happiness. It was in a way, a foundation for all the other changes.

Over to you, what changes have you made in 2017? How has your life changed the last year?

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