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13 Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

I love you, mom, but I still haven’t gotten you anything for Mother’s Day (yet). If you’re in the same boat as me, I’ve got your back with some last-minute gift ideas… some of which can literally be purchased from the car as you sit in the driveway at your mothers house this weekend, and all of which are going to prove how much you truly care. Check out 12 last-minute gift ideas for the mother figure in your life.

McCrea’s Candies- Luxe Caramel

You’re bound to make any woman happy by presenting her with a delightfully sweet treat, but McCrea’s Candies takes things to the next level. McCrea’s makes 15 flavors of luxe caramel, including flavors like Black Lava Sea Salt, Rosemary Truffle, Cinnamon Clove, Single Malt Scotch, Deep Chocolate and Irish Coffee.

McCrea’s Candies uses the finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce these handcrafted candies. You can purchase their delicious caramels online and really treat mom (literally!) this Mothers Day.

Vegan Silk Wrap Skirt

Think fashion for the conscious. This beautiful silk wrap skirt is one-size-fits-most, has a flowy feel perfect to be worn casually or dressed up and is available in four different colors. And, as a charitable bonus for this collection, all profits are given back to the artisans in India who made the clothes to help them grow their small businesses. BRB, seriously considering buying this for myself.

Kneipp bath and body care products

Kneipp likes to think of themselves as the OG* of the bath industry. Bath salts and oils are their best sellers, and they’re considered cult favorites among bath aficionados. This Mothers Day, treat mom to a bit of R ‘n R with a luscious self-care experience deserving of the queen in your life. You can purchase pieces separately, or in gift sets, through Kneipps website or Amazon.
Kneipp bath salts are obtained using a centuries-old traditional extraction method from the salt deposits of a 250-million-year-old ancient salt water ocean using traditional pan boiling methods. This method reveals unique salt crystals free from environmental pollutants and chemical additives.
Their bath oils are the perfect solution to plant-based self care. Each blend provides a unique solution to help your body and nourish your skin.
*There’s a running conversation within the Bad Yogi team where we share trending terms so we can all stay young and hip. For anyone curious, OG stands for ‘original gangster’ as in having been around a long time. It’s also used as a shorter way to say ‘original’. #themoreyouknow

Blinkists’ Books-in-Blinks

Truth be told, I’m not much of a reader. This comes to the shock and dismay of my bookworm family. But this is actually pretty brilliant. Whether you’re just not much of a reader, or simply don’t have time to dive into ALL of the books you want to read, Blinkist may be the golden ticket option.

Blinkist condenses top-line insights from popular nonfiction books into 15-minute audio recordings and reads. With over 3,000 books-in-blinks available, Blinkist users can get through multiple books a day if desired, and seamlessly fit them into busy schedules during morning workouts, commutes to work, or lunch breaks, to provide motivational insights and the perfect pick-me-up!

Whether you purchase a premium subscription one week in advance, or one hour in advance, your mother will love how thoughtful your gift is, and you’ll love how it takes virtually no time at all to give her! It’s the perfect gift for busy mothers who want to enrich their minds, take care of their bodies, and learn about the universe, even when they have exceptionally limited time.

Make a Donation on her Behalf to Hearts of Gold

My mother has gifted us charitable donations for years. As a child, I didn’t fully understand the impact, but it’s become one of my very favorite gifts to receive. For the woman in your life who has everything, and needs nothing- or is simply difficult to shop for- honor the woman who has sacrificed so much for you by supporting another mom who is also trying to do her best to be the best mom she can be to her children, too.
Consider a donation in your mother’s honor to Hearts of Gold. While you may think $20 is a small amount of money, it can help to feed a mom and her 3 kids for a day.
Consider a donation made in your mother’s honor to Hearts of Gold LLC. Hearts of Gold is a a non-profit organization in NYC. They support homeless women and their children, helping them transition out of homeless shelters into more permanent homes.

The Zen of Slow Cooking Spice Blends

So this is actually pretty brilliant. How do busy people go about their day, yet still manage to serve up a delicious, home-cooked dinner with ease? With help from the zen of slow cooking spice blends, a tasty newcomer to the fast-growing segment of ‘speed scratch’ cooking.

These meticulously-crafted spice blends make it a snap to create wholesome, sumptuous dishes like Coq au Vin and Daube Provençale, using a standard slow cooker and minimal prep time.

Cooks can choose from nine spice blends, including Southwest Fiesta (chicken tortilla soup), Indian Dal (curried lentil tortillas) and Moroccan Tagine (chicken and apricot tagine). Coq au Vin is the top seller.

Beyond dinner entrees, options include seasonal Mulled Spices (for wine and cider) and cinnamon-based Sweet & Spicy (for breakfasts and desserts). Save the woman in your life some time this Mothers Day with a delicious meal from zen of slow cooking.

MomMe and More Boutique

Is there anything cuter than a matching mother/daughter duo? Perhaps you’ve seen various yogis across instagram with their adorable mini me’s in matching outfits going through adorable yoga poses together. MomMe and More boutique is a small business running out of Michigan offering matching mother and daughter fashions including dresses, leggings, tunics, cardigans, tops, ponchos, scarfs, hats and more. All items sold separately so perfect for any mom or grandmother and are shipped next day for fast delivery. Use the discount code YOGA20 for 20% off your order.

Balance is Bunk: 14 Simple, Soulful Techniques to Redefine the Elusive B-Word and Embrace this Crazy, Beautiful Life

Looking for a simple gift idea that she’ll truly appreciate? Consider this book by Jennifer Tuma-Young, and then think of something to make her life a bit easier and give back a bit more balance in her life. Need some inspo? Try a gift card to have her laundry washed, folded, picked up and delivered every week for a month from a local laundromat. SCORE!
You can purchase the book on Barnes and Noble or Amazon, for delivery in two days.

GeoJango Maps

For the adventure seeker in your life, get her a GeoJango map. GeoJango sells USA & World Travel Maps that help people keep track of previous adventures or plan for new ones. Maps can be personalized with a custom title, such as a family name or quote. They also include tons of educational information, such as historical commentary, ancient civilizations, famous voyages, UNESCO sites and more. The result is a beautifully designed map that you can use to decorate your home, track your travels, and learn new information about our world.

The Original Worm

We all demand a lot of our bodies: work, exercise, injury, daily stress, age… in other words, LIFE!
Life’s demands can cause tension, muscle aches and knots, spasms, and stiffness.

I don’t own a worm, but I do own (and love) yoga balls, and various foam rollers, and this seems like the best combination of them both. The Original Worm is a portable, full body massage roller that provides relief from neck to feet and pretty much everything in between. It combines the benefits of therapy balls with a foam roller. These massage roller balls will provide trigger point release to combat stiffness, pain and stress in muscles and joints.  An easy to use, easy to carry, self massage tool.

nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

Weighted blankets are all the rage right now, showing extreme benefits for those with stress, anxiety and difficulties sleeping. The nodpod is just like that- but for your eyes- giving you the best sleep you deserve. When gentle pressure is applied to the body, it has a profound calming effect, like a hug. This science is known as Deep Touch Pressure and it’s something we can all benefit from.

The nodpod uses the science of Deep Touch Pressure, providing gentle pressure to the body, providing a profound calming effect, like a hug.

Tipsy Scoop Liquor-Infused Ice Cream

Photo: Hayley Williams

A very Bad Yogi gift idea! Tipsy Scoop liquor-infused ice cream has a Mother’s Day Pack that ships overnight and includes four boozy ice creams and sorbets that are up to 5% ABV.

Available for Nationwide shipping through If you’re local to NYC, you can even pickup in-store.

Silvercar by Audi

Let’s be honest, the rental car experience is straight maddening, and that’s just to have the ‘luxury’ of renting a car you may not even enjoy driving. Remove the stress, and give her a luxury experience with Silvercar by Audi. She deserves the luxury.

Silvercar has a fleet of Audi A4, Audi Q5 and A5 Cabriolet models. Using a mobile app to pick-up, you avoid lines and counters. No paperwork. No hassles.

If coordinating the logistics of picking up your rental car gives you stress, Silvercar has you covered with their new Delivery & Pick-Up service, available in select markets, which brings the car to you to avoid having to lug everyone to the location.

To keep the family safe, in certain markets, Silvercar’s high tech Audi vehicles can even tell you when the light is about to turn green through its Traffic Light Information tool. Use code SilvercarMothersDay for a discount on your her next luxury rental, and hit the roads in style!



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