11:11 The Practice by Tara Jae, an urban methodology

What is 11:11 The Practice?

A palindrome practice: 11 primary poses, 4 cardio bursts, 7 chakras

Why should a Bad Yogi care?

Founder Tara Jae was looking for a way to combine all of her dance and fitness background combine into one practice that would serve all clients regardless of level, age or gender. Challenging to the athlete, creative for the dancer and aligned for the yogi. 11:11 seamlessly combines a power yoga class, cardio bursts, creative sequencing, and a dope playlist.

Why is This Practice Legit?

Center yourself with balanced movement, free yourself through endorphin release and find confidence within yourself as you transform your mind and body in synchronization. We use musicality to synchronize our practice to the patterns within each song. Utilizing the power of combined energy to bring about transformation, release and intention.

Tara Jae is a 200 hour E-RYT, YACEP, lifelong competitive dancer and choreographer with a creative mind to boot.  Need we say more?

Where can you find more information?

practice11.com has listings of local instructors in your area and just released is the Digital DVD with 6 high intensity workouts with 2 bonus workouts to try at home. There are numerous certifications live across the country if this is for you.




Check out these Instagram posts for more on the high energy practice. 

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