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100+ People Have Been Killed in Sudan: But It’s Not Making US Headlines

With one of my degrees being in Anthropology, I feel it is my due diligence to write about what is happening in Sudan right now. Oh? You didn’t know anything was happening in Sudan? Neither have most other Americans. 

At Bad Yogi, we believe we can (and should) use our platform for good, and even maybe a little education in the process.

It looks like to me that American news stations (and the American people) get so far into their own business (read: up their own a**es) that unless it effects them directly or is something akin to Kony2012 (what ever happened to Kony? Does any one else know? Just kidding, I’m being facetious, as he’s still in hiding and hasn’t paid for his crimes). They don’t care. It’s not affecting them, their people aren’t dying, their money isn’t being thrown into the fire, their religion isn’t being questioned, they are white – they don’t care.

What’s happening in Sudan right now is pretty close to the warlord, Joseph Kony’s, atrocities. Rape and genocide. The Sudanese government is attacking its people and they are in a complete internet blackout in hopes of hiding it from the world.

Because of this, the only news I’ve gotten about Sudan is from BBC, The Guardian (both British news), The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, and Sudanese activitists. So, here’s what’s happening in Sudan right now.


Credit: Instagram- @iharterika

What’s going on in Sudan?

In April, long time dictator Omar Bashir stepped down (well, he was forced out – that’s another story)* and although the Sudanese people want a democracy – it was decided that Sudan would have a transitional government** led by the Military Council until a new leader was elected. The Sudanese didn’t agree, so they began a two month PEACEFUL sit, demanding for Civilian Rule***. This is when militia units knowns as, Rapid Support Forces (RSF), violently began attacking the peaceful protestors. Raping and murdering and throwing their bodies into the Nile river to cover it up.

BBC news reporters went to Sudan to investigate and the militia tried convincing them that all of the destruction was made by protestors and not men with guns. In addition, they were told NOT to film ‘anyone in uniform’.

They are trying to hide what’s happening from the rest of the world.



*Omar Bashir is the only sitting president with an outstanding arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court. He stands accused of being the mastermind of the Darfur genocide where Sudanese forces and government-sponsored militias carried out a campaign of attacks against innocent civilians. (bashirwatch.org)

**Transitional government, in fact, is an event that creates a political void. That government doesn’t get a mandate on elections, but is appointed with the consent of the major political forces in the country.

***Civilian rule is designed to take a functioning civil body and make it work for the population without the need for much intervention


****If you have any more sources to contribute, any more information, or any corrections you would like to make PLEASE let us know****

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