These 10 ways to modify yoga for larger bodies came straight from our community. I put the call out on Instagram to see who could impart some wisdom on this subject, and a lot of you had some great tips and reminders to share.

I wanted to organize them here so you can refer back to them anytime, so here ya go! In no particular order, just straight from people’s messages…

1. “Use straps for binds!”
2. “Shorten your stance, lower to knees, slow down.”
3. “Bent knees in forward folds, hands in praying position in Warriors.”
4. “Widen your knees in child’s pose.”
5. “Wrap a yoga strap around your chest above your boobs and make it somewhat snug for inversions.”
6. “Smothering boobs: bring your gaze down instead of tucking your chin all the way into your chest.”
7. “I never feel like I have enough room to step through in poses, so I just grab it and help it!”
8. “Forehead on a block in child’s pose!”
9. “Manually shift whatever body part(s) are in the way.”
10. “Compression clothing. A pain to get into but it really helps keep stuff out of the way.”

Over to you! Do you have any tips people didn’t already mention here? I think advice based on direct experience is always more valuable than speculation from someone who doesn’t really KNOW what it’s like, so feel free to share your own best tips below.