10 Most Popular Yoga Classes on YouTube

Happy International Yoga Day & Summer Solstice, Bad Yogis!

To celebrate, I wanted to compile a list of the most popular yoga classes we have on YouTube. These are the most loved for good reason! They’re versatile, applicable to almost everyone, and are simple enough to do no matter how short on time you are.

Enjoy the day! I hope it’s full of love, sunshine, and YOGA!

1. Day 1 of the Original Yoga Challenge!

2. Yoga for Lower Back Pain

3. Slow 7 Steady Abs

4. Moving Meditation

5. Yoga Workout for Chest & Shoulders

6. Plank Party!

7. Quick Start Morning Flow

8. Yoga Workout for Posture

9. How to do a yoga squat

10. Weight Loss yoga

Over to you! What are your favorite classes or favorite kinds of classes?! How are you celebrating International Yoga Day?

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