Yeah, that’s right. Because I can’t trust anyone who tells me to satisfy my chocolate craving with a single raw almond. I’m just looking at them like…


So, for all my Bad Yogis, and especially for those of you doing the Perfect Body Yoga Program, I wanted to create a handy list of the swaps I personally use that don’t make me hate my life. There’s no true replacement for a delectable piece of high quality dark chocolate, so we’re not even going to pretend here.

These are swaps for every day life. They’re easy to make and more importantly, easy to find in your local grocery store.

A few notes:
– Cashew milk. Almond Dream makes a cashew milk that I saw in Target, Publix, Whole Foods and even Walmart back in Tampa. It was similarly priced as almond milk and with a much less bitter taste. AND it’s creamier than almond milk which is nice if you’re used to regular dairy cream or whole milk.

– Roasted Chickpeas. Yes, I was skeptical, too. But after roasting these in the oven with a little olive oil, garlic powder, salt, cayenne, and pepper, I was hooked on their crunchy, hearty taste. You will be too.

– Homemade trailmix. Not only is buying “trailmix” super expensive, but you usually end up picking out 1/2 of it because it has stuff you don’t even like. Why waste $$$ and time?! I combine organic salted peanuts, no sugar added raisons or cranberries, raw pumpkin seeds and dairy-free chocolate chips for an afternoon pick-me-up that’s low in sugar and high in all the good stuff.


Over to you! What are your favorite food swaps? If you’re doing PBYP, how’s it been going with the food challenge element?